High Gloss vs. Matte Finish Ceramic Tile Texture for Bedroom: Choosing the Perfect Style

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The bedroom is one of your home's most important rooms.

It’s where you rest, play, relax or even eat for many people.

Especially if you’re designing a smaller home with no space for a dining area, your bedroom or living room becomes the centre of attention.

With the right tiles, you can make it look perfect.Thanks to their durability, versatile style and perfectly affordable range, ceramic tiles are a popular option.

They come in different finishes but the most practical and famous ones are High glossy finishes and matte finishes.

Let’s see what difference the two different finishes make.

High Glossy Finish

high glossy tiles, high gloss

The bright, reflective surface of high glossy ceramic tiles gives every room a sense of sophistication and elegance.

Typically, a glossy coating is used to manufacture these tiles, giving them a smooth, reflecting appearance.

High glossy tiles' surface reflects light, giving the impression that the space is lighter and larger.

This design is perfect for bedrooms with modern or contemporary decor.

The iconic smooth surface of high gloss ceramic tiles makes it almost impossible for dirt and stains to keep sticking to the floor.

So, after a great housewarming party, you barely have to worry about your floor remaining dirty.

They are easy to clean but go easy with that mop because they are prone to being less water resistant than other tiles.

It's also worth noting that scratches and smudges are easier to see on high-glossy tiles and might be tough to remove.

So, if you have a home space with a lot of foot traffic, maybe go with another finish.

Matte Finish

matt tiles, matt finish, best finish

If you’re looking for a more humbling and sleek look for your bedroom, maybe a matte finish should be your go-to.

These ceramic tiles have a non-reflective surface that adds the subtlest effect of richness to the room. They also have a low sheen so if your bedroom has darker colour tones or décor choices, a matte finish might be perfect for you.

Ceramic tiles with a matte finish have the benefit of hiding blemishes and scratches better than high gloss tiles.

They are a safer alternative for bedrooms because they also offer a greater grip and are less slippery when wet. Furthermore because they lack a glossy sheen, smudges and watermarks are less noticeable making them easier to maintain.

Just the opposite to their high gloss counterparts, matte finish tiles have a tendency to absorb dirt and stains more readily, thus they may need to be cleaned more frequently.

Choosing the Right Tile for Your Bedroom

high glossy tiles vs matt tiles, high glossy tiles, matt tiles, house, bedroom

Your bedroom needs to have its style that keeps it in touch with the décor of your entire home.

It’s a place of safety and tranquillity, naturally, only what feels relaxing must be employed within it.

So think along the lines of ambience.

What type of space would you want to enter first thing in the morning?

Do you want a sleek and yet calming experience?

Or do you like to experience the warmth of the sun as soon as you wake up?

For the former, go for the matte finish as it would naturally suit your aesthetic better, for the latter, high-gloss is your friend.

❀ Next, think about the useful aspects.

Matte tiles might be a better choice if your bedroom has a lot of foot traffic or is prone to spills and stains.

They are appropriate for these situations since they may cover flaws and offer improved traction. But if you value a light and airy atmosphere or lead a low-maintenance lifestyle, high gloss tiles can meet your needs.

Also, think about your budget, depending on their style and manufacturer, either of the two finishes can prove to be more expensive.

Doing your research beforehand will always be healthy.

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