Avoid These Common Mistakes When Choosing Wall Tiles for Outdoor Use

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Choosing the right tiles for your outdoor walls is more meticulous than choosing what goes inside your home.

This is because not only do the outside walls give your home a prominent look, but they’re also responsible for keeping the rain, dirt, and humidity out for good.

They’re the ones that battle out the elements for you.

Every time you step out into your terrace or balcony, your tiles make sure you have the pleasing experience you’re looking for.

Unfortunately, people often end up making mistakes that cost them this beautiful experience.

So, in this article, we’ll discuss these mistakes as well as suggest steps to be better at choosing your outside tiles.

Mistake 1: Neglecting Durability

As we mentioned before, outdoor tiles are your first line of defence against the elements.

Bad weather, stubborn winds, and rain, all butt their heads against your exterior first.This is exactly why outside tiles have to be durable and lasting.

Porcelain and natural stone tiles for outside walls are some of the best available today.These tiles are famous for their ability to not crack against the harshest of conditions.

They also last long without their finishes fading or your integrity breaking.

Mistake 2: Not Getting Anti-Skid Tiles

Anti-Skid tiles are those with great slip-resistant technologies.

These tiles ensure that no amount of water remains clogged on top of them, making it difficult for anyone to slip and fall.

Excessive amounts of rain can cause your outdoors to become slippery making it impossible to walk safely.

Tiles with polished or glossy finishes especially make it difficult to walk because they provide very little slip-resistance.In this case, textured or matte finishes are your go-to.

Mistake 3: Not Thinking About Maintenance

Ignoring the upkeep needs of outdoor wall tiles can eventually result in dissatisfaction and higher spending.

The kind of maintenance required is different depending on the type of tile.

To preserve their longevity and attractiveness, some tiles might need to be sealed or cleaned on a regular basis.

Think about your day-to-day life and how much time you can spend on the tiles.

To guarantee that your tiles last for many years, choose them based on your maintenance preferences and abilities.

If you lead an occupied life or just don’t often feel like maintaining your tiles, pick a product that’s low maintenance and still gives you great results.

Mistake 4: Disregarding Style and Aesthetic Considerations

Structural factors like durability and longevity are crucial but don’t forget that the outdoor tiles are also responsible for giving your home its unique look.

Think about the living space you’re creating indoors.

This can provide you with a great compass on how to shape and style your outdoors.

Accordingly, choose tiles that match with your home’s aesthetic.

Mismatched outdoors and indoors can lead to a rather jarring-looking house.

Mistake 5: What Is The Environment Like Where You Live?

The durability and effectiveness of outdoor wall tiles are significantly influenced by the local climate and environmental conditions in your area.

Extreme temperatures, high humidity, or exposure to seawater are just a few issues faced by people living in different climates experience.

When choosing your tiles, think about these considerations.

For instance, to reduce the chance of cracks in locations with extreme heat or cold, use tiles with low thermal expansion.

Choose tiles that are resistant to seawater deterioration in coastal areas.

You can choose tiles that are best suited for your particular outdoor settings by being aware of and taking into account these climate and environmental aspects.


It may seem complicated to pick the right set of tiles for your home.

Both indoors and outdoors.

But, in truth, a little research and awareness can go a long way.

Make sure your tiles have the right finish and texture for different areas of the house.

Make sure you get products that are durable and last you for several years at least.

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